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I am honoured to capture a glorious moment of this mid century iconic blue Chinese ginger jar.

Chinese ginger jars not only have a rich history but also boast a unique contemporary flair.

Originally used for practical purposes, they are now a statement in modern interior design. These stylish must-have Chinese jars not only bring a hefty dose of chic to your space but also carry ancient traditions from Chinese culture and blend seamlessly with modern Western design.

Experience the magic of China and infuse your home with a touch of cultural refinement, handcrafted from refined porcelain from Jingdezhen.

In earlier times, Chinese ginger jars served a broader function, from storing oil to dried herbs. These jars were specifically designed with lids to store valuable spices in a cool, dark place and protect them from spoilage. The association with ginger comes from the fact that these large Chinese jars were used to transport valuable shipments of ginger from China to Europe, giving them their name.

Jingdezhen, often referred to as the "Porcelain Capital" due to its significant role in the domestic and international ceramic industry, is renowned for its centuries-old porcelain production that dates back more than 1,700 years, showcasing traditional craftsmanship and authentic refinement. Each Chinese ginger jar is handmade by skilled artisans, bringing Jingdezhen porcelain to life through ancient techniques, enriched with happiness, prosperity, and harmony – the essence of Chinese culture. Dutch Delft Blue, also known as Delftware, was inspired by Chinese porcelain from Jingdezhen. The secret of Jingdezhen porcelain lies in the purity of the material and the mastery of the delicate firing process, resulting in refined porcelain of the highest quality.

Let yourself be enchanted by Fine Asianliving with carefully hand-painted Chinese ginger jar, showcasing not only the rich Chinese culture but also adding a touch of modern East meets West to your interior.

Whether you opt for the iconic blue and white Chinese ginger jars with traditional motifs or vibrant solid-colored jars – Fine Asian living has something for everyone.

With a mix of history, style, and versatility, our timeless Chinese ginger jars bring the perfect dose of oriental chic to your life.

Alternatively contact me for a personalised art work! My

Longevity Ginger Jar-Original Art By Kendra

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