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“Kendra’s art is just beautiful …. evocative and unique, she adds just the right amount of detail to bring each painting alive, and her colour choices are perfect! I asked Kendra if she would create a series of bespoke water colour painted Christmas cards for me, and she did a superb job - each super special and lovingly detailed! I often buy her hand painted birthday and General cards as well…. Her large paintings are amazing too…. I have my eye on my next purchase in a local gift shop. Not only is Kendra’s art gorgeous, but she’s also such a lovely person to deal with as well. Can’t recommend her art enough!” 

Rani from Mt Barker, South Australia

“Lovely to have such a talent working on the portrait of my cat. The essence of his personality has been beautifully captured by this pair of truly gifted hands.”

Roz from Glenelg, South Australia 

"Kendra’s artwork is bespoke, I was thrilled to receive this timeless and sentimental pet portrait piece of our much-loved pet Toby. Kendra's ability to capture all his details is phenomenal."

Tahlia from Adelaide, South Australia

"Thank you Kendra for the painting you did of my beloved Chester. He has now passed but the likeness means I still see him each day. The resemblance is perfect!"

Debbie from Adelaide Hills, South Australia 

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